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Read chapter 4 of Mizzle Comic by Cat Byrne

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A new dawn for Mizzle! She's taking things into her own hands, and there's no stopping her.
Issues 48-ongoing, published from March 2016.

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"All Change" – More non-adventures and questionable artwork, Mizzle's first ever call from The League of MOG, and some big changes in her life.
Issues 26-47, published Jun 2015-Feb 2016.

Read chapter 2 of Mizzle Comic by Cat Byrne

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"Origin story" – A 6-part story in which Mizzle explains how mutants and superheroes came to exist in her world.
Issues 20-25, published May 2015.

Read chapter 1 of Mizzle Comic by Cat Byrne

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"Meet Mizzle" – Includes Mizzle's first appearance, some questionable artwork, the League of MOG trading cards, and the prelude to the origin story.
Issues 1-19, published Jan-May 2015.

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